Vibrant Townhouse . Lisbon . Portugal

In a noble Lisbon neighbourhood, there is a house of vibrant colours that entwine with other calmer ones, where there are pieces of other eras, dancing butterflies and a garden that awakens the senses. A unique crossroads between Brazil and Portugal opens doors for a new story to be woven.


A palette of cultures unified by language, spread over three floors, reveals tile patterns that converse with traces of wood. The stones that come from the earth harmonize with brown tones where ethnic designs are revealed. The floor houses a rug, hand-knotted using techniques from other times, and a wooden stool, on which a suede cover invites you to relax.

In the kitchen, shades appeal to flavours and aromas in the universe of written or invented recipes, and there is a desire to create, mix and make that powerful art that stirs the emotions. Cooking is an art that calls for a meeting around the table made of aged chestnut wood. And when the sun is intense, the blinds, made of old kitchen cloths, create a cosy atmosphere. Here, where this magic happens, a passage to the garden opens into a miscellany of green with a small lake that invites you to let the soul relax.

The porch displays a nook for lively conversations where a tiled coffee table calls for endless gatherings, under the auspices of an enormous mirror that keeps secrets, all surrounded by fine linen curtains. The colours that exalt the heart make us feel an existence full of lightness.

At the end of the day when dreams are set free, there is a shelter that matches each experience. The main bedroom, surrounded by calm tones, unveils a bed with a canopy, guarded by bedside tables designed in an iron structure where the recycled glass rests.

The Amazon jungle can be felt through the fusion of greens that subdue in the marbled washbasin, having above antique Venetian mirrors reflecting a new day.

Nearby coral tones are part of another room and there are hanging details. Half coconuts combined with sea urchins and dried plants display the mastery of craftsmanship.

Maintaining the comfort of the crossing of tones we enter into a patchwork inspiration with warm colours in harmony with the placid white. In this intimate corner, there are works of art in which memories ripple the peace.

Next is the serene blue of the Portuguese sea, leading to a bed that resembles a chaise longue, and in a small corner a more intense blue says that memories are always present.

At the top floor emerges a room where adventures are shared around a table from other lands, and a sofa that whispers Berber secrets. When the door opens, a fusion of paths is discovered, where a wooden table is surrounded by striped chairs paired with more casual ones.

The whole environment was designed so that the house would be a dimension of life.