Based in the luminescent city of Lisbon, where it develops the most exceptional architecture and interior design projects, the studio Joana Aranha draws its inspiration from all corners of the world. Favoring an approach of inspiration and charm, uses it with mastery and dedication in the creation of “extraordinary living for extraordinary people”.

With capability to develop projects of enormous rigor that go down to the smallest detail, it’s in the luxury segment that the studio has stand-out the most, although its creative vocation and multidisciplinary approach leads it also to various types of markets.

Allying technique to creativity and responding to the highest level of exigence, along its 40 years of experience, the studio has been developing from projects of great scale to the finest detail and in the more diverse areas. Residential, corporate, commercial, hospitality, restaurants and as well as yachts and private jets.

Conceiving and executing architecture projects, designing interiors tailored to each client, developing product design, creating and implementing concepts, among which special high-end events, Joana Aranha studio excels in innovation and design, which become the trademark of its work and attention given to sustainability.

Translating its knowledge of the cultures of different countries, be it exotic or more easily identified with western culture, the studio stands out by its differentiated perspective and its exigence, creating unique ambients that combine comfort and smart beautiful design translating an unexpected fusion of feelings, emotions, aromas and experiences. Believing that its bonds to history, traditions, origins and cultures are vital to challenge limits and reinvent the rules. Each project, each space, each detail, are unique. It is the true calling of this brand, with the purpose of serving and transforming peoples’ lives, opening doors towards their own happiness.


“After 40 years of experience, it gives me immense pleasure to create ambients where people feel happy”.
Joana Aranha

Joana Aranha, interior designer, is known by her undeniable creativity in mixing different materials, colors, textures and objects. She takes us to an extraordinary world, where we are told a story of wisdom, sensibility and charm, surpassing all the times and all the trends. Joana’s wise, sensitive and stimulating narratives are translated in her extensive and enriching work.

Partner and head of creation 

Marta Aranha directs the studio’s architecture area.  The fascination for the fields of space and light, for different memories, cultures, places and the transformative power of architecture in people’s lives has become her professional focus. Marta’s practical and sensitive ability to understand the desires of her clients together with the singularities of each place, each ambient, enables her to develop surprising architecture projects, that always add something new and important to the world.  

Partner and head of architecture