Small Cottage . Azores . Portugal

Between the cobalt blue of the sea and the luxuriant green, the endless pastures and the slow rhythm of the seasons, we find this enchanted refuge. A house that takes us in reminiscence, a tribute to grandiosity. It is the simple island life allowing us to listen to the earth and accept its magic.

As the night falls, the evenings are enjoyed by the outside fireplace. Reclined in the chairs, reminding us of little America that in bygone times settled in the island, and that take us to other days.

The space is not the same. It has grown after the restoration, all of it built with volcanic rock. Fragments, fossils, colors and textures that help to create stories. But there is so much more. The volcanic stone is just the beginning. After that we find the whitewash, the textured linens full of body, the lace made by local artisans and the tomato color making us dream of summer days.

The celebration of color is made in the kitchen, but also through details like the wood shutters. The ingredients remind us of the richness of the land, the materials its comfort and it is impossible for the traditional kitchen not to charm us with the smell of the bread right out of the wood oven. It is the iron, the woods and the wickers making us want to stay, but also the traditional fabrics that always bring to mind pieces of our childhood.

The guillotine windows allow us to see beyond our imagination. The pastures where coy cows roam about and the scents of the meadow wet by the morning dew, prompt us to start a new day. In the living room the abundance offered by the earth, mixes with ceramic pieces and recovered woods.

When the light dawns in the morning, the house is flooded. Everywhere one feels the day starting, coming through the windows with their lace curtains, offering a glimpse of the hydrangeas and their hug. The earth is waking up. The table that receives the island stone washbasin and the trimming on the curtain that gives it its charm, enhance the impulse of going exploring nature. And then, the sheet that lives over the bed, takes us to the culture of Terceira island when in the processions the oxen pull the carts, adorned with rods covered by antique sheets.

Rich in details each space is a treasure. Inspired by sewing and its transformation ability, the bedside table is lined with old-time sewing patterns and small patches of fabric fill the wall. And the tomato color always present, creates a strong first impression. Everyday it shows up in the rainbow and after all, this is the first color, the one we see constantly even when the others are small vague nuances. The color of energy suggesting us that we are connected to the earth. Always.