Penthouse . Estoril . Portugal

We hear the sea, right next door. But here life is lived in an ambience of city beach. We are connected to what surrounds us but especially to one another, for this is a family house.


Light and the music are felt throughout the house. The home objects, some of which inherited, bring their own character to each space. The French canapé with the worn-out paint giving it the flavor of time, announces La Salle de Famille. It recalls the importance of family. And then the chairs found in Italy, from the 50s, the neutral tones with whites broken down in beige, with touches in charcoal, remind us that we all have a unique personality. That we are all entitled to tell our own story.

That story, that passes from generation to generation is written on the table. It’s there that we find the important phrases of the family, a letter for life. And it is on this manifesto of human relationships that the house discloses itself. The doors painted in a sky blue act as a conducting thread among spaces and the high ceilings support conversation.

At the dinner table adventures and mishaps are shared. The black and whites with the lilac details of the flowers, complemented with the tone of silver, offer the chance of discovery.

The details live a little everywhere. In the restroom the plaster walls stand out with relief done by hand, in an effort of patience and perfection, enhanced by a Venetian mirror. The chiseled silver tray from India, where the incense and the flowers meet, creating scents and feelings that make us want to stay. And it is in the union of the textured armchairs tight together, that we feel this guaranty of togetherness and strength. After all, two people are needed to set the course and keep the direction.

The piano sends the music throughout the house. Enters the spaces, gets comfortable for moments and afterwards fills the hearts and inspires sensations. A dream come true.

The Indo-Portuguese traveling cabinets, simple Portuguese stonework, coconuts fashioned in India in the 18th century, some cabinets, the woods mixed with the silvers and the tray where the different collection pieces gather to turn the spaces alive.

But on the master suite the rhythm slows down. This is a sanctuary for two. The mannequins wrapped in lace details, the straw wallpaper and the light natural paint offer time. Time to reflect, to rest. Together.

At the top of the building, lying under the windows, we loose ourselves in the infinite sea or the swimming pool that invites total relaxation. The invitation to laziness is complemented by the armchairs and mattresses upholstered in leather. After all this light is to enjoy. To close one’s eyes and think of the forthcoming adventures, that deserve to be lived and celebrated in family.