Ocean View . Azores . Portugal

We are in the middle of the Atlantic, spread out through 600km of ocean. We are volcanic rock, unique flora that inspired Charles Darwin to explore and sanctuary for sea monsters. In our waters whales and dolphins dive, jumping from the deep waters to the base element of this house.

The impressive image of the whale conveys the endless dimension of the water onto our gaze. The grandeur offering us a sense of proportion. Its impact on the waters generates cascades around us and is also the blue of the ocean that keeps company through all the spaces.

The collection of fishing boats reminds us of the boats aligned in the harbor, ready to find schools of fish. But it is on the color gradient of the blue and white linens that dress the windows, that we recall the movement of the waters. In the outside facing sofa, the patchwork of decorative cushions in blues, squares or flowers creates the mix of the whole.

The worn out woods, the old travel chests and the sofas dressed in linen remind us that the time here also passes by. Although we are in the middle of the ocean, rocks lost in the blue, the memories are here. Small objects that cross the organic matter of the wood and the blue of the water but also of the hues of the hydrangeas.

This is the island of the hydrangeas. Queens of the lilac blue contouring paths and pastures. We are in Azores’s Ilha Terceira. The space with the green and blue tones takes us to the endless pastures, to the scent of the earth and of a never-ending ocean. The children with their messages call the grandfather to go and see the whales and it is in this simple comfort, where the linens mark their presence, that we are able to feel nature completely.

In the room the yellows bring to mind the citrus orchards that exhale an intense and pleasing perfume. A feeling of waking up in peace where the sound of silence is king. The cushions give us the blue of the sea, the linens and textures the touch of the time and the wood the comfort of a natural raw material. The canopy bed brings a romantic touch to the ambience through the undulation of its fabric.

On the upper floor the base is neutral, and the stripes run in washed linen. In this social area the neutral and light tones are predominant. They create in us the desire to walk barefoot.

When we arrive at the Suite, we are aware of a careful disarray. From the challenge to gravity of the canopy, to the comfort of the tones that hug you. This is the place to rest body and spirit.

We remain then admiring the blue of the Atlantic. Enjoying the privilege of being able to observe these majestic animals that inhabit for millions of years the deep waters but also our minds. And we cannot help but think of the mysterious Lost City of Atlantis, maybe sunk in this ocean. That empire abundant and splendorous, motivated by Plato’s dialogues, is it legend or reality?