Midnight Summer Party . Lisbon . Portugal

Guests are arriving and magic is commencing. Candles are lit, the music begins. The party is about to start. Let the green in through the cloisters. Open the doors to nature with the archways filled by vegetation, climbing plants as far as the eyes can see. This is an enchanted garden.
Grandiose trees, olive trees, oak trees and many others, that wed with the solidity of the space reminding us that there is something being born.

The sound of leaves touching, nature’s aromas, the tone of the water leading us to the charm and sweetness of the one whose birthday we’re celebrating. On the stone pieces bundles of bulbs, hyacinths, roses, bringing to mind the change of the seasons, nature’s flow.

The mirrored tables reflect the beauty of the candlelight, offering a hint of magic to a unique night. It is under its attentive gaze, we see the rebirth of nature that budded there, reminding us we are never complete, sharing with us the ability to transform ourselves, the steady need to move on.

In the gardened staircase, where the candles pose in a silent conversation with the here and there fescues, the feeling is of peace. By the bundles, in rose, white and carmine tonalities the flowers show themselves like in a spring party. The water cans make an appearance in the experienced hand of those used to do the welcome, dressed up for the occasion where the galoshes mark their presence. They are the guardians of the gardens, enthusiasts of joy and fun.

The tables invite the dialog, with their rattan garden chairs, where the pashminas are placed. At the center of the tables gardens are born strategically messy, where the visible soil of the fescues and the earthenware in natural tones are thought of details. This is a garden where anything can happen.

And placed delicately, a crown in Portuguese silver recalls the Terceira Island’s festivals, symbolizing the hostess’s roots and reminding us that we all come from somewhere. That, as well as the trees and plants around us, we too have roots that take us in different paths.

The private zone is made in the company of soft tones, whites that let themselves go in the floating flowers of the lake. Asking for a pause. But the party goes on, because the night is made of friendship and joy.