Light House View . Cascais . Portugal

In this house the lighthouse belongs to a real picture, with its square masonry tower, built in the 17th century in Cascais. Sitting in the living room, through the single glass panel that frames this living picture we see the boats passing by. It is the lighthouse but also the movement of the waves and the sea that transforms this picture into something extraordinary, a reminder that everything changes.

With whites and nudes as the main base, every detail was studied. Amidst the dining room chairs in simple lines, appear two Italian painted chairs. Their form but also the green painted by hand, makes them museum pieces.

But this is a house of surprises. A house that returned to life. A house with motion. The social area is done without doors. In the center, the kitchen shaped like a cube connects the spaces. Appears and disappears like a magic show. And when this cube opens it brings everything together. The Carrara marble, with a metallic frieze and the chromes define the starting point, but it is the chandeliers that create the link with the whole house.

Impressionism lovers, one notices a selection of design pieces that combine in harmony with heirloom or collectibles. The teak, turtle and ivory cabinet from the 17th century and the antique mirror recall other lives.

The whites invade the master suite. The armchair upholstered in its knitted fabric, offers a soft comfort. On the bed, a couvre-pied in different textures. The flower, handmade, rests on a pillow. On the bedside table we read Acqua della Notte.

Light reflects on the pavement and on the book match patterned statuary marble, enhancing the natural design of the stone. This is a work of dedication and mastery. The vanity with its chrome turned feet and the unconfined bathtub, painted in taupe stripes, contrast with the finish of the 18th century mirror.

The white, beige, nude and pink tones in natural dyes, give a cozy atmosphere. The plaster sculptures, small details on the walls, but also the French cassé chest of drawers from the 18th century, that enters into the closet zone, offer the irreverence typical of youth. And the dressing table, from an old hairdresser from the 50s, settles itself in an ambiance of charm.

Outside, the fireplace table in stone breaks the hurdle of the four seasons. This is a space to be enjoyed all year round, where the rattan chairs and table offer relaxation. And, unexpectedly, the collection of ceramic pieces in green hues, is almost a color call out playing on the table. After all, this is a house of surprises.