Kinda Home . Oporto . Portugal

This is an eclectic concept. Where the product is star. A concept that mixes exclusive design pieces with the curation of existing ones. A concept that conveys home, comfort, joy, function and design.

Always with the markets in mind and what they represent. In 2010, the idea was to create an innovative brand, that could take us to feel the city or country we are or live in, to find the animation of the local market where mystic glances, the blend of the poor with the rich. Since it is at the market that social mixing happens, without preconception. The basket appears as a symbol because in every house lives one. It doesn’t matter where we’re from or how we live.

Here the store is the product and the product the store. In Oporto the store was a culmination of experiences gathered along the years. In a building planed and created from scratch, with an area of implantation of 10.000Sqm, structured to receive a unique concept, there are two basement parking floors, a continuous store floor and an upper floor for offices. The building, lined in white concrete slabs of large dimensions tries to interfere as little as possible with the surroundings, its identity and horizontality inspired by Portuguese architecture.

From the walls the large slabs become smaller and are used in the landscaping, resolving the staircases, allowing the access to the store, unifying the inside and the outside. The trees complement the perimeter, intended as nature.

At Kinda Home the idea is to challenge people to make their home different. To personalize their space. To get inspired, to tell their own story through their home. In the entrance the open span is substantial. The high ceilings are essential to display in height, offering a feeling of open air. Grandiosity is what is all about. Imposing areas, where we go from small spaces with more controlled ceiling height to enormous high ceilings, depending on the product shown.

In a store that lives through the product, every time the collections change, so does the store. The spaces are more or less permeable, making the whole environment changeable. In the first stores in Africa, the sensation of freedom was taken to the limit with an open pathway, without barriers. In Portugal a reinterpretation was given to the concept. The pathway was created following the logic of a museum. The products are displayed, sometimes as works of art, others to show different perspectives. A distinct buying experience, that leads us to imagine and create.

This building was planed to the minimal detail, making part of a vast project that encompasses also the concept and the design of the collections. A building that answers to the calling: a house for Kinda Home.