An African Penthouse . Angola . Africa

This was the soil that gave birth to life. The root of everything. Mother continent, with breathtaking scenery, a unique wildlife and the richest traditions. We find all these but with a luxurious modernity. A combination between the past imbued in culture and nature and the future that offers creativity and sophistication. After all, it was on this continent that the human being began its existence.

In this penthouse one feels the luxury in the details, in the choice of raw materials, in the selection of textures. The color shades translate the toasted sun of the end of the day, has it descends upon the waters. That natural filter offers a feeling of living a dream. The entire house is confluence of natural richness. The colors offered by the earth, the fruits, the gold, the petroleum color that paints the doors and of course the jungle animals, that we can almost listen.

It is on the waving between tradition and modernity, that the whites mix with the earth’s tones. The golds lean on the animal patterns or the lacquers allow themselves to be enveloped by the velvets. And, without us waiting, it is the artwork of artist Pedro Calapez, with twenty elements, that recalls a flow of memories.

The cheetah, out of scale, is a revisitation of the savannah, contrasting its speed with the calmness lived in this room. The areas of the house are true discoveries, surprises hidden in thought out details, as the 18th century chair dressed with the cloths of ancient indigenous garments. A journey through the natural wealth that inhabits all the continent and brings to mind that we are in Africa.

A compromise is felt with the local culture. The large dimension images of the indigenous necklaces are an example of that, recalling tribes and traditional communities. But also, the collection of bone combs, made in Africa, that take their place on the wall of the restroom. Here, our eyes are drawn to the manufactured alpaca basin, finalized with elements in bone.

In the main suite, the whites are felt on the sheets but also on the coral pieces. The glasses overshadow the light, the silver tone enhances the energy and the bone pieces, and the earth tones remind us once more where we are. It is through this pathway dusted in white, the spaces interconnect. This feeling of divinity, of deliberate detachment. The idea of optimism, of transcendence.

And, as one least expects, the journey takes us outside. As if we were in deck, traveling in a ship. Here, once again, the richness is in the details. The unexpected gilded chairs, counterpointing the whites, the coconut bowls crowned with this toasted shade of gold. This luxury makes us dream of a warm sunset.