A Shelter in Lubango . Angola . Africa

Here in Lubango a house will be born. Founded under African roots, this is a house where luxury inhabits. Africa motherland, majestic, primordial, world’s sacred source.

This house is inspired by the traditional African constructions. On those vaulted lodgings that, like a mother’s womb, nourish, care, sustain and protect from the rain, the heat, the mosquitos and the wild animals.

The project starts from the premise of a previous draft. The volumes of the first layout are afterwards adjusted and rotated according to the experience of light and living, fused through their common intersections.

From the earth comes the color of adobe, which integrates itself perfectly in the magnificent scenery, telling us a different story each season of the year.

The concept of the dome is transposed to a more modern living. Through a formal interpretation succeeds in conferring sumptuousness to the space where, through zenithal openings carefully placed, delicately flows an almost sacred light.

The spaces succeed just like in a palace, as if the unravel of the infinite presented itself in front of our eyes, and the height varies to create situations of more or less intensity, shelter, welcome, expansion or discovery.

Outside, small lodgings loose themselves through the exotic garden, sprinkled with mastery among the vegetation. These structures become pompous and interesting spaces to welcome visitors.

This contrasting concept between the luxurious mother-house as a uterine modern shelter and the ethereal and primordial garden, truly speaks in such a pure and simple way of what Africa is.

Because, at the end of the day, it is on this astounding terrace that one best contemplates the golden landscape of the sunset, while the birds rejoice free, unafraid and the wild beasts stay on gently breathing the air.