The Day of Our Lives . Comporta . Portugal

The decision was made and the location chosen. It’s in the middle of nature, among the umbrella pines, in an enchanted place. A spot connected to the earth where we breathe nature, love and serenity.

The buggies cross all the pathways taking the guests to the place of the ceremony. And, among the trees the surprise is impossible to disguise. Suspended, hanging from huge pine trees, the pure gauze linens, translucent, move to the sound of the breeze. They take us in a fascinating tale, as if we were in a different dimension. Here we breathe love. An inspiring ceremony, where the country’s aromas are felt.

The logs of local trees are carefully piled. The vows take place in a French bench where the bride and groom remain under the cool shade.

The rattan chairs, with their cotton seat cushions and white pure linen bows, make up the space. The natural tree trunk bowls receive the white petals and the choir dressed in white robes chants contemporary music to the rhythm of gospel. It’s the sound of the music that fills the space, gathering the children under the dance of the free gauze linens.

The action takes place in pure white. In the antique basket the cotton umbrellas with their twisted fringes, are ready to protect from the sun’s heat, and the pashminas from the evening breeze. From the newlyweds’ buggy, oozes a sweet fragrance of flowers nested in Portuguese baskets, to the beat of the tins jangling.

Close to the swimming pool, we hear the crackling of the bonfire, feel the aroma of the wood and the warmth emanating from it. The bars, specially made for the day, mirrored and in natural wood tree trunks, are accompanied by the band now playing. The canopy beds invite to chill out and the mirror of an impressive size, leaning against a tree, reveals the dinner seating plan.

With the outside and inside communicating always, the white linen curtains envelop the cabana and allow a glimpse of secrets and surprises. The wedding cake is assembled in families, made of different textures of sugar. And the sleek tables, dressed in white, where the rattan bread baskets lay, are completed with linen napkins and a laced ceramic china. The little vases and cut glasses with tiny gold details, on brass trays at different heights, show the sophistication of the fine points.

And when the night falls, the flowers and candles suspended in the great wood cabana, bring a special charm to the space. As if floating, suspended mid-air, offering an ethereal feeling of magic that only love can give.