Private Yacht . Maiora

It’s sea as far as the eye can see. An immensity of blues where we can loose or find ourselves. Exceptional voyages that allow us to dream carefree. Time gained to reflect magic moments shaped in this 39 meters super yacht. Its impressiveness is felt cutting through the waters showing a design that combines comfort and luxury.

With three decks and five cabins this is a space to enjoy with family or surrounded by friends. Here tradition crosses with innovation and an unpretentious elegance is felt. Something that pulls us and takes us floating through the different spaces. The scents of the ocean mingled with all that nature offers, give a unique joy to the family trips.

In this floating house, the main room is interpreted in light colors, with a mixture of chocolate, charcoal and details in pink and silver. The dividing wall with central opening subtly hides the dining area, a monochromatic area with a table for 10 guests. The wenge table and base in hammered metal, chairs in leather and a painting by Sofia Areal that brings color to the space. The fine points in color transmit a joy of their own, joy offered by the sun.

The kitchen in chocolate color corian and light woods, opens space to the fresh products that arrive by the hand of the experienced and wonderful cook, from every market where it docks. It’s the aromas of spices and catch of the day fish that make this kitchen become our kitchen.

And underneath the deck, unfold the cabins with their windows to the outside. Images that take us to imagine other houses, other journeys, a unique depth given to the ambiences. Without hurrying or will to go back. Here we feel at home. Even if we are in the middle of the ocean.

With a view to the marina, to the sunrise or the sunset, the laissez faire laissez passer pervades. It is on the ample deck, on the mattresses calling for us or near the bar where the moment for lunch is already being prepared, that we feel the sun’s soft warmth, dozing our senses little by little. But it is also following our course that we experience the vacations within us. Losing the notion of time, days and hours. And we just let go. Because we are in safety, in an atmosphere of joy, among family and friends.