Private Jet . Falcon 7X . Dassault Aviation

In the 21st century businesses are carried out like this. A house away from home with wings to fly that shortens distances and takes us to other destinations. Connecting sister towns Paris-Tokyo or Johannesburg-Lisbon, a capacity for 12 passengers and 3 crew members, we feel in the clouds, where there’s endless possibilities.

Splitting the skies, with draw out course, the three lounge spaces, were studied in detail. The layout with great attention to functionality and wellbeing, offers an unmatched display as well as extreme comfort. In a tranquil atmosphere, the experience of travel is unrivaled. Pure elegance, efficiency and performance come up and the tones are in taupe, white, coffee and chrome. From the lightness of the tones the color palette evolves, and all the spaces are lined with natural leather, backstitched with precision in the contrasting color. Mastery and attention to detail is felt throughout.

When the sky changes color and the night falls, the beds are made in pure cotton with the trimming of the insignia’s embroidery in silver. The sky full of stars shows up also in the interior, right above us and the vastness of the universe is felt. We are enveloped by a sensation of peace and comfort.

In the main cabin the wellbeing travels in pure luxury, preparing us for the challenging day ahead. The matt ebony woods warm us and the small mirrors, placed strategically, give a feeling of depth. The rug, with its stripe resembling a man’s blazer, grants the required professional ambient. The cashmere throws with the embroidered detail create the perfect comfort for the thoughts to flow in an organized manner.

We recline in the chair, in the coziness of the cushions and we let our eyes wander through the softness of the clouds outside. And when we want to come back to reality and need news from the outside world, the one at our feet, it is the literature in the magazine racks, made of perforated leather, that creates that link.

All the spaces were personalized. All decisions made guarantying the perfect balance between safety and wellbeing. Therefore, when the hot coffee arrives in an ergonomically designed tray, when we see the chiseled silverware, the tea set or we feel the touch and elegance of the bedding, we know we are being taken care of.

It is in this ambience, clean, modern and sophisticated that we move the world forward or enjoy fully the astonishing view. With the utmost attention to the wellbeing, this is true luxury. One that offers ease, privacy and safety but allows us to go further. No limits or frontiers.