Deloitte . Lisbon . Portugal

In this space with a vertical garden as far as the eye can see, nature intersects with the unstoppable rhythm of humankind. The environment becomes more sustainable, knowing that the choices are always made based on partnerships. It is the photos picked out with exactness that make us think of other lives, in other places. But it is in the surprise of their movement that we realize we are all united. That the human relations, the commercial exchanges were always part of our lives.

News arrive from everywhere. Everyday. Different voices telling us what is happening. The leather sofas in two tones, white and light beige, offer us the comfort to start the day with confidence.  It is on their small table that we place the hot coffee, knowing we are ready for everything. And we cannot help but smile at the sight of the raw wood bergère, dressed in a man’s suit and finished with the classic lines in black and white.

In a world always changing, the ambient helps us grow. With a never-ending length, the table allows place for dialog. The serene light testifies the study of all possibilities. We experience the comfort of solidity in the stone fireplace, the robust tables, the pure clean woodblocks but also through the amplified dimensions of the flower pots, that support us in conversation.

Upstairs, the walls lined in natural leather translate a frame. A joining among all the parts of a work, where ideas are justified and actions thought-out. The height of the movement of the curtains and the corridor with its white line take us in a continuous motion. But we know that modernity is a result of apprenticeships.

Seven Keys. For seven locks. Symbolizing confidence, security. Keys that open and conclude business transactions. Something one works for everyday. Rooms that defy conversation, with lights demonstrating that there is no limit to thought, and details like the venetian blinds that help to create privacy.

In the restroom in tiger skin marble, we feel in a tank where the stone and the wood cross. Here, once more, details are well thought. The essentials are placed on the tray and the light is diffused. The feeling is of grandeur but also of warmth.

Sober tones, natural and metallic materials support the day that unfolds at different rhythms. A place where trust and confidentiality are the watchwords but where sharing and knowledge is cultured.