A Wedding to Remember . Lisbon . Portugal

Princes and princesses. Fairy tales with a special sweetness. The Beato Convent with its imposing architectural structure is the perfect setting for a story one wants of love and complicity.
Inspired in the Marie Antoinette imaginary, pastel colors emerge and are sensed in all the details. The macaroons spanning through all the tables. Here dream and reality merge in a truly palace like atmosphere with the recreation of the pavement in limestone and basalt tones and the traditional banquet tables.
It is in its geometric organization, that we understand this is an equation blending dedication and love. The profusion of white flowers, very light pink roses and peonies create a pathway among the golden details of the glasses. And the chairs used in grand parties are dressed in water blue linen skirts. The invitation to the party is made.

The white cotton velvet curtains impose themselves with their meters of height, embracing the successive repetition of mirrors. The antique chandeliers all different, some of unusual sizes, are placed strategically. Their dances and movements in height and space creating a unique ambiance. Intimacy in a space of large scale.

The white library sets a challenge to writing from the beginning of a life together. The start of an adventure one wants filled with dares and conquests. And, during dinner, unexpectedly the music sounds. From the archways we listen to All You Need is Love. We let ourselves be enraptured by the voices a cappella and record the moment in our memory.

The rose tones, the flowers that inundate the tables and the candle light emanating from the golden candle holders, in a gradient of heights, create a romantic atmosphere. In this soft joy of love, we feel the power. The power of union, of sharing knowledge, with the staircases lining the spaces.

But this is a space to be lived, where attention to detail is minute. Out of nowhere gardens appear, with the never-ending green, the trees of enormous dimensions. Chandeliers are born from the suspended branches, offering a light, a path in the night. Moving to the sound of the music, with their own undulation, hugging the guests as they arrive.

And, as grandiose as the space, the wedding cake appears. Inspired in British royalty, made by Fiona Cairns. Eight tiers of love, kept in a winter garden, an orangerie created to shelter this work of art. A sculpture to be admired in a space free of restrictions. And love is felt in the cool air of the night, making it impossible for anyone to think about tomorrow. What matters is the here and the now. And the now is phenomenal.