A Family Home . Lisbon . Portugal

The house is in the heart of Lisbon, overlooking a big square, in the hubbub of the city. Welcoming and full of light is perfect for the family. There’s a lightness that translates in the sweet pinks, in the gentleness of the whites, beiges inhabited by charcoal and the eternal black and white. And, recalling sweetness, peonies are the chosen flower, a symbol of richness, luck and happiness.

The French chairs upholstered with black and white geometry, contrast with the burlap that lines their backs.  Facing the sofa they are the ones that encourage conversations. There’s a whiteness in the air as if the undressed walls highlighted the delicacy of the ambience.

It’s the little treasures that make us dream and travel without leaving home. Kenzo’s pop up, a true master piece, represents Paris and takes through the most romantic city in the world. And after, it’s again the peonies presenting themselves on the statuary stone and wood table, together with the candles and ceramic vases signed by Manuel Alves, forming a well thought of group.

On the sleek table, a profusion of peonies laid in a carved wood multifold bowl of India. The dining room chairs dressed in different patterns and textures, talk silently with D. Maria chairs from the 18th century. The Indo-Portuguese safe of generous proportions and the desk, all lined in paper with its detail in bronze, make the mixture of materials.

The whites live in full in the bedroom, embracing the wall completely lined in gold leaf. It’s there we find the bed slightly skewed inviting entry. Its bedside tables from the 18th century of an unusual height and dimensions. The tiny lampshades create small impressions of light and the chaise-longue with its naked structure invites relaxation.

It is in an ambient of purity, that the French armoire from Provence appears, lined in a patchwork of thin stripes in a very soft beige, inspiring the organization in a sweet way. Cambrics, laces and linens take us to a universe of total suppleness and serenity. The tiny mother of pearl buttons, a reminder of the delicate baby clothes, trim the linen curtains.

The ceiling is lined with paper designed and made especially and inspired by the plaster works of the time. The baby crib dressed in linen with Valencia lace, sways inviting the serene sleep that all babies deserve.

The armchairs from the mother and the father mark the space, the future is made surrounded by peace and love.