Wedding at a Palace . Sintra . Portugal

Transported to the atmosphere of the 18th century, traveling through the architecture of Seteais Palace. We view the Atlantic ocean and the Sintra mountain range from here. We loose ourselves in the labyrinths of lavish vegetation and in the stunning drawing rooms.


The music is heard everywhere, bringing together cultures. The orchestra introduces itself, the stage inspired in the jazz bands of the 40s. The rhythm is felt, giving space to the freedom of improvisation. Whites, nudes and charcoals enfold us joined by the nature’s greens all around us.

The pavilion with its unusual height is magnificent. An immense glasshouse where love and nature go hand in hand. Throughout the space there’s tiny suspended shades with pendants and bobeches, offering a counterpoint between the palace like touch and modernism.

Musical phrases await us, declarations of love. Fragments of written lyrics that pervade the ambiances, the space decoration, the garments of those who receive us with an open smile. In their striped dresses, held on the neck the trays like in the old jazz clubs.

Inside we admire the rooms decorated with frescos. This atmosphere brings a sense what tomorrow will be. A lunch surrounded by the soft tones of the room with the chosen flowers following its tempo.

But today, the day is for celebration. The draped curtains in white voile, encircle the entire space allowing a glimpse of the interior and exterior. They hide the secret stage for the artists. White freesias, roses and hydrangeas live in every table, with their delicate scent, in mirrored trays. Aligned and neat like in French gardens. And, at the long tables, set out in a geometric way, dressed in nude washed linen, the guests stay on.

Inside a modern glass cube, we have a hint of yet another surprise. Among voiles hides the cake that together with the fantastic video mapping over the entire façade of the palace, will represent the union of two people.

The story of fondness and passion is also told in the gold details of the china or of the linen napkins. “I do” and “Me too” talk about the commitment we want to celebrate, together with the 18th century newlyweds chairs in gold leaf. Unique, arm-in-arm, because love is made of complicity.

And, because love needs to be nurtured, we find above the table a profusion of flowers, almost a shelter, mixed with petite chandeliers offering touches of light. The grand book in handmade paper is the guardian of these memories. The reminder of a moment. Because tomorrow is another day. With new stories to be told.