Summer Getaway . Quinta do Lago . Portugal

Take off your shoes and let yourself go. This is a house of peace and harmony.
A tribute to the elements, where a total freedom is given to the air and the water. Let yourself be carried away by a story that crosses nature and organic materials with a simple luxury: the luxury of living the present, the moment.

It is on the old stone tank with a Portuguese water spout that the water moves and the house allows itself to be heard. That the ambiances talk among each other, relinquishing syllables, words, phrases. The jade green provides the connecting thread, as if to recall the abundance and the good fortune.

When the house is in conversation with us, one senses the flow that crosses in the courtyard. The imperial palm trees create a rhythm that takes us from the Algarve to places faraway, without having to leave.

Wander with languor through the windows, feel the white linen curtains fluttering and enjoy the warm light of the end of the day. It is that luminosity filtered by the ambience, in concert with the sound of the water that defines the center of the house.

The warmth, the light almost sifted, snuggle us in nights of lightness. The litany of the lanterns trough the different spaces, shapes a sensation of filtered profoundness. They are the ones that draw ephemeral images on the walls, a blend of day and night. A slow down of the hours that helps us to profit time.

The journey goes on. Bracelets, necklaces, decorative pieces or furnishings, lead us to the independence spirit of the Berber people. Silver and other metals chiseled by artisans, where the attention to detail is paramount.

The richest elements, testing one’s patience. Here, each piece is a story. A way of telling the past and bringing it to the present.

But relax now, for this is a house that casts an invitation to the holidays. To the long summer days, afternoons and nights unhurried. The chiseled metal canopy bed, now dressed in linen, frees the dreams so they can fly with the wind, without moorings or tensions. It is the picture frames, that remind us of the Moorish ogive archways, that open us a window for other worlds. Other tones, other textures. And, at the end of the day in the beginning of the story, in the middle of the narrative, we feel ourselves in an ambiance that is an extension of what we want to live. Of who we want to be.

The handmade mosaics, the tadelak covering, reflect the cutout light and create a unique space. Everything in this house is nature. Is pure matter. A door or a window to other landscapes.