Kinda Food & Market . Oporto . Portugal

Grab your rattan basket and come shopping. Step into this space and allow yourself to be seduced by four different food ambients. Make a stop now and have a rest. This is the Kinda Food Market. Inspired in the European markets, by their scene and the way they’re set.


The pavement establishes the connection to the Kinda Home store, but here the space has its own personality. The boxes and stands selling dishes or tablecloths in Kinda Home, in Kinda Food are now filled with fruit, chocolates or wine. It’s a deli, a restaurant, but also a place to do the grocery shopping for home, for a well-deserved pause.

There are four food stations that respond to our senses and take us in a journey of flavors. The pizzeria with its amazing oven minutely lined in black tiles, creating pizzas inspired in the world. The wood boards aligned and the hot aromas that convey comfort. The coffee shop with the freshly made coffee, an ice-cream for the children or the freshly baked bread ready for the client to pick. The Natural island, in a close relationship with healthy nutrition. And because nothing is left to chance, the sandwich stall with its link to the charcuterie sets in action the cut of smoked hams and cheeses, that ultimately will be part of the most beautiful sandwiches that promise to please everybody. And do not be surprised if your hamburgers are served in a mini pallet. This is the place to linger. Leisurely. Restoring from a shopping afternoon or having a catching up talk.

The stations that accommodate the different concepts are built to measure, for a space planed in detail, where organization rules. The height of the counters studied so the comfort is absolute. The different positioning among the counters and tables give a notion of a space that flows, as do the conversations or the viewpoints. The gaze moves up and down in a space where nothing is monotonous and that presents us different dimensions.

Allow yourself to be wrapped by the warm and welcoming space, with its walls coated in black tile. And take a seat at one of the tables in tiger skin marble, framed in wood. Here every piece and structure in wood that you can see was produced from Portuguese pine. At the stalls with white awnings, buy groceries to take home and on the black awnings, take the chance to have lunch or drink a coffee.
And in case you fall in love with the teapot or the china it is served in, don’t lose your good mood. What you see and feel in here is for sale right next door at Kinda Home.

From inside Kinda Food the terrace can also be seen. With its chairs made of bamboo and intertwined in black and white, the invitation for a relaxed afternoon is done, after the challenge to remodel a house, stimulate the imagination or try the new blend of coffee just created.