Cabana in Trancoso . Brazil

In the heart of Bahia, every breath of air brings us the best of two worlds. This interrelation between cultures, this complicity between the unpretentious Portuguese charisma and the natural purity of Brazil, takes us in a dolce far niente. On this luxury cabana, surrounded by nature, we listen to stories of other times, celebrate the gatherings among family and friends and recharge batteries.

This is a house without limits where the interior and exterior interrelate in a natural way. The corridors are hugged by exotic vegetation. The white, the organic materials, the pure woods, the native threads and the semi-precious stones from Brazil are all part of the same story. The house is nature and nature is the house. The eucalyptus wood announces itself supporting the entire structure. It’s sounds, smells and thoughts that spark the creativity. To the eucalyptus, join in the demolition woods, local authorized woods, the coconut and even the copper.

The blinds made of the midribs of the coconut leaves, separate the cinema from the living room where, generous white sofas covered in an array of linen herringbone, linen damask and old linen cushions, invite to an idle evening. The orchids dab the space with precious gestures. As for the ceilings in splints of Dendê palm tree, exult even more the fascinating and indigenous tropicality.

Each space tells the story through the energy each semiprecious stone imparts. It is on a small copper shelf, at the entrance of each bedroom, where the delicate light rests, that we find an artisanal parchment to guide us.

The power of the whites is felt when we just let ourselves be. The linens, the Portuguese lace, the embroideries and the mosquito nets, made of cotton thread tulle, that shelter us for a restful sleep.

Four noble massive demolition wood cuts surrender as coffee tables, where the natural straw rugs lead us to two 19th century armchairs, upholstered in natural straw weaved fabric. On the porch the pure and white linens of varied textures cover the sofas. The hand of local artisans is felt everywhere.

When the light of the stars appears above, we are seduced by the dining room, its water blue now seized by the classic chairs. It is the table in sunken wood, bitten by time’s authenticity, that brings together family and friends. The collection of ancient Portuguese copperware enlivens the space, reminding us of the concept of the farm kitchen.

And when our spirit longs for rest, we are welcomed by a water mirror in jade natural stone and a copper basin embedded in a robust wood trunk that announces the house Spa. The white curtains in light linen gently clear away the weight from our shoulders, while we feel the inebriating welcome of nature. And we know that life deserves to be celebrated fully.